Robert Zech Photography


This New York-like scene catched my eye yesterday as I was walking thorugh the streets of Dalian, China. I was shooting with the Canon pancake lens 40mm f/2.8 - an amazing lens at this size and price, and it is perfect for the streets where you want to go lightweight.

Portrait in Dalian

This is a shot I took in Dalian Downtown during weekend shopping. It was taken in a shopping mall where this man happened to sit down in front of a chinese restaurant. For this shot I used my new 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens from Canon which I really enjoy. It takes some sweat pictures at a very low price point and perfect size for some shots on the street.


This is a light installation by Licht-Kunst-Speicherstadt e.V. ( in Speicherstadt, Hamburg Germany. You can get this view from Poggenmühlenbrücke every night as it is a permanent installation.

Hamburg Dockland at Sunset

One of the most famous sights in Hamburg is the futuristic architecture of the Dockland building. Finished in 2005, the building does not only have an iconic look from the outside, but also the inside is noteworthy. For example, there is a diagonally orientated elevator inside bringing people to all 6 floors! The building won the audience award 'Architecture' in 2008. More information on I took the picture using the new Lee Filters Little Stopper. I used the filter for the first time and love it as much as the Big Stopper I had already!

Jin Mao Tower

I took this shot during my golden week travel to Shanghai. It was very foggy that evening so I did not see much from the 88th floor panoramic view but the street level was also quite nice!

Pieter van Aemstel

I took this shot this evening in Mainz Kastel near Bastion von Schönborn. The ship you can see in the picture is actually a restaurant! You can check out their website at The ship was built in 1964 and is at its current place since 1986. Hope you like it!

Holi Festival of Colours Mannheim 1

Countdown on the biggest Holi Festival we had so far in Germany I believe - over 20.000 people joined the event! I hope once I will see the original Holi in India. I used a ewa-marine U-BXP100 to protect my gear btw.

Pariser Platz

Long exposure of the Brandenburger Tor on Pariser Platz, Berlin. I used a Lee Big Stopper as an ND filter to achieve this long exposure. Shot taken during my vacation to Berlin in July 2013.