Robert Zech Photography


This New York-like scene catched my eye yesterday as I was walking thorugh the streets of Dalian, China. I was shooting with the Canon pancake lens 40mm f/2.8 - an amazing lens at this size and price, and it is perfect for the streets where you want to go lightweight.

Jin Mao Tower

I took this shot during my golden week travel to Shanghai. It was very foggy that evening so I did not see much from the 88th floor panoramic view but the street level was also quite nice!

Portrait in Dalian

This is a shot I took in Dalian Downtown during weekend shopping. It was taken in a shopping mall where this man happened to sit down in front of a chinese restaurant. For this shot I used my new 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens from Canon which I really enjoy. It takes some sweat pictures at a very low price point and perfect size for some shots on the street.

Pieter van Aemstel

I took this shot this evening in Mainz Kastel near Bastion von Schönborn. The ship you can see in the picture is actually a restaurant! You can check out their website at The ship was built in 1964 and is at its current place since 1986. Hope you like it!

Holi Festival of Colours Mannheim 1

Countdown on the biggest Holi Festival we had so far in Germany I believe - over 20.000 people joined the event! I hope once I will see the original Holi in India. I used a ewa-marine U-BXP100 to protect my gear btw.

Pariser Platz

Long exposure of the Brandenburger Tor on Pariser Platz, Berlin. I used a Lee Big Stopper as an ND filter to achieve this long exposure. Shot taken during my vacation to Berlin in July 2013.